ChalkItUp! Dazzles the Peninsula

Who could have imagined such an amazing outpouring of creativity and community spirit in these strange pandemic times? It seemed the entire South Baltimore peninsula turned out for the #ChalkItUpSoBo “chalk your walk” extravaganza the weekend of Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 3. Eighty people signed up in advance for free chalk, but many more of our friends and neighbors took to their sidewalks (and brick walls) with chalk and imagination. And the weather cooperated the entire time with warm temperatures and bright sun on Saturday and slightly overcast skies on Sunday.

One participant said of the weekend: “It was so lightening during this strange time to see people making art and enjoying each other’s creations.” 

Many thanks to Key Group of Cummings & Co. Realtors for all the free chalk, and to local photographer Mary Braman for her time and talent in capturing many of these chalk masterpieces.

Below are 140 photos of the creations we captured on Saturday and Sunday. They are divided into three separate galleries organized alphabetically by street. – Steve Cole

PHOTO GALLERY 1 – Alphabetical by street: Anchor to E. Lee

PHOTO GALLERY 2 – Alphabetical by street: E. Randall to Olive

PHOTO GALLERY 3 – Alphabetical by street: Rampart Mews to William

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