Walk/Run/Bike the Peninsula Parks on Memorial Day Weekend

The Summer of 2020 starts Memorial Day weekend with Baltimoreans staying at home in droves. Not the type of holiday any of us would have planned, but what can you do?

Plenty, if you’re lucky enough to live on the South Baltimore Peninsula!

We are graced with three beautiful big parks, walkable neighborhoods, and sparkling harbor views. Let’s get outside and enjoy it all and have some fun while appropriately social distancing. And at the same time help those struggling to get through this pandemic.

Announcing the first-and-only Kick the COVID-19 Blues Walk/Run/Bike 1000K to the Peninsula Parks: A Social-Distanced ‘Race’ for Everyone!

Whether you’re into cycling, half marathons, power walks, or just leisurely strolls with the fam, this weekend-long event has something for you – and then some. It’s free and yes there is swag. And if you don’t want to leave your home you can still participate by kicking in to a pandemic-relief effort of your choice as the walkers, runners, and bikers rack up the miles.

Here’s how it works:

From Saturday, May 23 through Monday, May 25, take to the streets and sidewalks of the peninsula on a route you map yourself that visits at least two of our great parks: Federal Hill on Warren St., Riverside on Randall St., and Latrobe on Fort Ave. Use whatever form of foot-power you like, go when you want and as often as you want, and send us your miles.

We’ll post a running total online through Memorial Day. Our goal for the whole community over the three-day weekend is 1000 kilometers (621 miles).

STEP 1: Choose your mode of foot-power and one of these event Categories:

  • ‘On Your Mark’ – For the competitive runner or cyclist, map out a route to the closest 0.1 mile and clock your time. Submit your results and we’ll post rankings online.
  • ‘Strut Your Stuff’ – If you’re more into style than speed, deck out your ride (bike, trike, wagon) or yourself as outrageously as you want and head out on your chosen route to amaze and astound your neighbors. Submit your distance with a pic or two; no times required.
  • ‘Just Do It’ – The no-frills option: map your route, take as long as you want, and submit your distance. Done.
  • ‘A Story to Tell’ – Sometimes a trek is more than just exercise: it’s memorable sights or experiences shared. Write up a few sentences about the highlights of your walk/run/ride and submit it with your distance. We’ll share them in a special issue of the South Baltimore Peninsula Post.

You can also participate in “Kick the COVID-19 Blues” without taking a step outside your home. Sign up as a Donor and pledge a donation to your favorite pandemic-related relief effort of X cents per mile covered by everyone over the weekend. (For example, if we hit the goal of 621 miles and you pledged 10 cents a mile, you donate $62.10.)

STEP 2: Register by email to bmorepeninsulapost@gmail.com by Friday, May 22 at 5pm.

Send your name, street address in the 21230 (so we can send you the swag), your desired mode of foot-power (walk, run, bike, or other type of self-propelled transport) and the Category or Categories you’re interested in (On Your Mark, Strut Your Stuff, Just Do It, A Story to Tell, Donor). Your name and results will be posted by Category on the South Baltimore Peninsula Post blog.

On Your Mark registrants also send your age category (<10, teens, 20s, 30s, etc.).

Donors send the per-mile amount of your pledge and the name of the pandemic-related organization that you will directly donate to.

Families can sign up as individuals with each member’s distance counted separately or as a single family unit.

STEP 3: Chart your own course that stops at two or three peninsula parks. (See the maps below for sample routes and distances.)

STEP 4: Get out there and go! Take to the sidewalks and streets of the peninsula between 8am on Saturday, May 23 and 5pm Monday, May 25. Be sure to follow social-distancing rules during your trek. Want to rack up a lot of miles over multiple days? Go for it!

STEP 5: Send us your results as soon as you can and we’ll post updates for everyone to see throughout the weekend. Include the names of the parks you visited. Distances can be rounded to the closed 0.1 mile and times to the closest second. A digital map of your completed run is not required but would be fun to see if you want to send it. We’ll post updates on the South Baltimore Peninsula Post blog and the “Federal Hill United” Facebook group.

Note: For this event we are strictly employing the honor system for reporting distances, times, and donations pledged. (We’re all neighbors. We trust you.)

Share your “Kick the COVID-19 Blues” plans, pics, and fun on social media with #SoBoParks and #SoBo1000K


Everyone who registers and submits complete results will receive the official event swag: a commemorative “I kicked the COVID-19 blues” sticker.


An ambitious route to all three peninsula parks: Federal Hill, Leone-Riverside, and Latrobe.
Two options that connect you with two peninsula parks.

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