‘Kick the COVID-19 Blues’ Is Underway

FINAL Results (Sun May 31) – 364.5 miles total, $1,400 raised

It’s Memorial Day weekend and the forecast is for NO MORE RAIN through Monday! Perfect weather for the first-and-only Kick the COVID-19 Blues Walk/Run/Bike 1000K to the Peninsula Parks: A Social-Distanced ‘Race’ for Everyone.

We’re raising money for pandemic-related causes with every mile biked, walked, or run through Monday by everyone who signed up (see rosters below). Our goal is to hit a total of 621 miles (1000 km).


Dan Amirault, Ann Baum, Steve Cole, Erik Hummel, Madison Kafer, Matthew & Kimberly Johnson, Martina Lipperini Design, Jane Seebold, Jeanne McCann, Vigdis Jacobsen, Fina Santa-Maria, Barry Vaughn, Tommie SchoendorfMaryland Food Bank, Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Response, World Central Kitchen, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Baltimore Restaurant Relief Fund, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake$3.22

The ‘Race’ officially began at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 23 and wraps up at 5 p.m. on Monday, May 25. The rosters below will be updated throughout the weekend as our participants complete their own courses on their own schedule. We’ll also list the #SoBoParks they visited on their treks: Federal Hill (FH), Riverside (R), and Latrobe (L).

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend on the South Baltimore peninsula!


NameParks visitedMiles
Balodis, IvarsL,R
Balodis, PattyL,R
Baum, AnnL,R,FH2.7
Baum, AnnL,R,FH3.5
Braman, MaryR,FH2.2 
Braman, MaryL2.4
Braman, MaryL,R,FH3.1
Buchanan, Melissa R,FH1.9 
Cole, Steve L,R,FH4.2 x2
Dawson, Michelle & Jed Birmingham (with their pups Ash & Lexie)R,FH2.3 x2 
Dawson, Michelle & Jed Birmingham (with their pups Ash & Lexie)R,FH2.6+2.1
Dawson, Michelle & Jed Birmingham (with their pups Ash & Lexie)R1.5 x2
Dawson, Michelle & Jed Birmingham (with their pups Ash & Lexie)L3.1 x2
Deems, HillaryR,FH1.7 
DiNovi, MikeL,R3.3 
Edwards, Jennifer (with her dog Frankie)R,FH1.7 
Edwards, Jennifer (with her dog Frankie)L2.5
Ellis, Alicia & JeffL,R,FH4.4 x2 
Ganjon, CarinL,R,FH7.9 
Gisriel, Claire & BobL,R,FH3.1 x2 
Gisriel, ClaireL,R,FH3.3
Hildebrandt, Barry & PaulineL,R,FH4.2 x2
Hildebrandt, Pauline & BarryR,FH2.7 x2
Hildebrandt, Pauline & BarryL,FH4.2 x2
Hitt, JillL,R19.2 
Hitt, WayneL,R19.2 
Hummel, CatherineL,R2.8 
Hummel, CatherineL,R,FH4.7
Hummel, ErikL,R2.2 x2
Hummel, ErikL,R,FH3.4
Jacobsen, VigdisL,R,FH4.7
Johnson, Matthew & Kimberly (with their dog Haley)L,R,FH4.3 x2 
Johnson, Matthew & Kimberly (with their dog Haley)R1.9 x2
McCann, JeanneL,R,FH4
McCleskey, KathieR,FH2.3
McCleskey, KathieR,FH1.7
McConahy, ShaynaR,FH1.9
McDowell, Margaret R,FH3.9 
Ottati, AlbertL,R,FH3.5
Peterson, JimL,R,FH4.5 
Peterson, JimL3.5
Phelps, Eileen & MarkL,R,FH4.4 x2
Robins, David (with his dog Walter)L,R,FH3.7 
Robins, MegL,R,FH3.7 
Santa-Maria, FinaL,R,FH4.5 
Santa-Maria, FinaL3
Schmidt, TraceyL,R,FH3.4 
Sholes, CarolR,FH2.3
Seebold, JaneL,R,FH4.2 x2
Seebold, JaneL,R,FH3.5
Strodel, Dan & CathyL,R,FH3.5 
Swartwout, ArthurL,R,FH3.7 
Vaughn, BarryR,FH3.8
Vaughn, BarryL,R,FH4
Vaughn, BarryR,FH1.4
Vaughn, BarryR,FH2.5
Wunderlin, AmyR,FH1.7
Wunderlin, AmyL1.9


NameParks visitedMiles
Ambrose, Kelly L,R,FH3.1 / 29min
Amirault, DanR,FH3.3 
Cole, SteveL,R,FH3.8
DiNovi, MikeL,R,FH4.3 / 45min
DiNovi, MikeL,R,FH4.4 / 45min
Gilardi BenL,R,FH +8.2 / 68min
Kafer, MadisonL,R,FH5.1 
Larson, SaraR,FH3.3 
McKenzie, StefanieL,R,FH3.8 
McKenzie, StefanieL,R3.5
Strodel, DanL,R,FH +8.2 / 69min
Vaughn, BarryL,R,FH +8.2 


NameParks visitedMiles
McKenzie, Stefanie with Anslee & Hattie WaltersR,FH2.3 x3 
McKenzie, Stefanie with Anslee & Hattie WaltersR,S,WC3.8 x3
Vaughn, BarryL,R,FH x 215.4

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