SoBo Residents Give Thanks

This year has certainly been the darkest in living memory for our community and the entire world. But when asked “What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving,” these South Baltimore residents brought some light to help dispel the gloom of 2020. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! – S.C.

I’m thankful for having a job to go to 5 days a week. – Jimbo, Otterbein 

I’m thankful for neighbors that are still up to stoop in the evenings, with just a little more physical distance between us, but a heightened sense of the importance of community during these stressful and potentially isolating times. – Claire Mullins, E. Henrietta St. 

COVID has provided me with an opportunity to build a more meaningful relationship with my 85-year-old father, and for this I will always be grateful. C.S., Riverside Ave.

I’m thankful for my two roommates who have kept me entertained and motivated and supported during this and every year. Katie C., Webster St.

I am thankful for my home: the warmth, comfort, and love that surrounds me there. Jane, E. Clement St.

I’m grateful for all of the people who are working on the frontlines through this pandemic – from the DPW workers to the postal carriers to the nurses to the teachers and so many more. Luke Clippinger, Webster St.

I’m thankful for the neighborhood’s restaurant owners and their staffs, all of whom have had an already tough job made a hundred times harder this year, but are still showing up to work and doing their best to provide us with a sense of normalcy during this very strange year. – Arthur Swartwout, Randall St.

I am thankful to live in a community where I can easily meet up and see friends in person while still being socially distant and safe. – Jim Gunsiorowski, Steuart St.

I’m thankful for our furry neighbors: seeing cats in windows and dogs out and about brings me joy. – J.G., Federal Hill South

How would we have gotten through these months of separation without Riverside Park to gather in, to play in, to just watch the sun set in? Long live Leone-Riverside Park! – Steve, E. Clement St.

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