SoBo Scavenger Hunt Is On!

Saturday, Nov. 7 – Time to get outside on a beautiful Baltimore day and start the “O Say Can You See SoBo?” Scavenger Hunt, which runs through Sunday at 4 p.m. This post has links to everything you need to know about the search for 26 artistic, historic, or architectural “hidden gems” scattered across the peninsula.

The rules of the Hunt can be found here in the “How It Works” section, along with details on the three prizes to be awarded Sunday night.

The first thing you’ll see below are photos of the 26 “gems” that you’re searching for, listed A to Z. The photos are followed by maps of the general areas where a gem is hidden, each area coded with a number, 1 to 26. Your challenge is to match a gem with its location.

All of this information is also available in this four-page PDF brochure:

We hope you enjoy exploring all of our peninsula neighborhoods this weekend! Be sure to share your experiences on social media with the hashtag #KnowSoBo. We’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram.

26 ‘Hidden Gems’ (A to Z)

Maps of General Locations

The interactive Google map below shows the general locations of the 26 “gems.” Note that the numbered pins are in the general area of a gem, within about half a block of its location. The pin location is not the exact location of a gem.

Just in case you can’t get access to Google during your search, below are images of the same location maps.

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