New ‘Star-Cross’ Rises

In just over one hour this morning (Oct. 20), a new lighted ‘star-cross’ was installed atop the steeple of St. Mary Star of the Sea church on Riverside Ave., visible once again across much of the peninsula. The previous star was damaged during a storm in April and removed from the steeple.

Father Josh Laws, pastor of the Catholic Community of South Baltimore, blessed the cross and offered a short prayer to a crowd gathered on the street. “At seeing this cross and this star may all those who are lost, who are wandering, who feel rejected, know that they are not alone. They are loved, welcomed, and they can call this church their home,” Laws said.

This was not the first time the iconic star-cross has been replaced. Terry Cooper, long-time peninsula resident who grew up on Folsom St., a few blocks from the church, has seen three star-cross replacements since the 1960s. The first star she remembers was lighted red, she recalled while watching today’s activities from a rooftop near the church. The recently damaged star and its new replacement are lighted blue.

The star-cross will shine for the first time later this week as soon as electrical work is completed. Look for it as early as Wednesday evening, Oct. 21, Laws said.

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