Issue 3: I Am a Zoom Girl Now

Most evenings I walk around Federal Hill just to get some fresh air. On April 4 around 5 pm. I strolled along the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade and passed this young couple resting after walking their dogs. It all seemed so normal, sort of. These days, at least we get to hug our animals. – Photo by Mary Braman, Riverside Ave.

Times Have Changed: I Am a Zoom Girl Now

When I moved back to Baltimore in 2017, I did not buy a TV for my apartment. New and old technology has crept into my life due to the coronavirus. Now I watch Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefings on the coronavirus on Youtube. I use free Spotify with a great playlist complied by Rita Wilson called Quarantunes for background music. I also am a Zoom girl. I Zoom with a Fed Hill breakfast group on Friday mornings. I can wear my PJs, not brush my teeth, or comb my hair. I also have a Zoom date with my four sisters on Saturday afternoon, which is great fun. (I do have to dress up and comb my hair for my family though.) Even more technology is coming. I will soon Zoom and Instagram with my fellow THREAD volunteers and kids. Some things remain the same. To stay in touch, this week, various family members started emailing old photos showing teenagers with Farrah Fawcett hairstyles who are now over 50. One sister riding a motorcycle in her 30’s. And little babies who are now executive vice presidents of something. It has been hilarious fun. Kathie McCleskey, Federal Hill 

A Basket of Random Ingredients

◦ Add variety to hand washing with this, sung to Frere Jacques: Wash your hands now; Wash your hands now / Lots of soap; Lots of soap / All along the fingers, underneath the nails / Flatten that curve; Flatten that curve.

◦ Taking pictures on a walk, then realized I could go again and retake the shots that weren’t quite right, an unexpected luxury. But then walked to retake Orpheus in Ft. McHenry and found the entrance chained. So take lots of pictures. Pixels are free and time is only once.

◦ Every day feels like Chopped (Food Network), creating meals from a basket of random items. No trips allowed for a missing ingredient. What’s in the refrigerator that needs to be eaten today, and how can it be combined with other aging ingredients?  What choice could free up freezer space? Are we to eat nothing but old and aging food? Chickpeas and sardines?

◦ Furniture shuffle. Moved the coffee table (no one coming for coffee) underneath the dining room table (no one coming for dinner), leaving space in front of the TV for a yoga mat. So no excuses. And a shout out to Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. 

◦ There is now a chair at our door, creating a place to remove shoes and clothing after returning home. Drop packages. Disinfect. Spraying bottoms of shoes with bleach. Are we channeling Howard Hughes yet? Linda L, Harborview Drive

Family Fights Corona

Creativity to the rescue from the Glaros family: Reid, 14, drew the illustration above for his grandmother; Finn, 10, wrote this haiku titled “Shelter in Place”:

Corona Virus

Stuck inside the house

for weeks

But then we all live

Amber Glaros, South Federal Hill, Riverside Ave.

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