A Call to Community

This is a traumatic time.

This is an historic time.

The normal flow of life, of meeting and greeting friends and family, of work and play, has been massively disrupted here in South Baltimore and around the world. “Social distancing” has all but severed our connection with each other. How are we going to get through weeks if not months of isolation, stress, and uncertainty?

Let’s talk to each other about this experience.

I’m inviting everyone who lives in our immediate community – the South Baltimore peninsula between Fort McHenry and Camden Yards – to share your story of how you are coping with the pandemic.

Take a quiet moment (I hope you have some!) and write down something important to you that you’ve done or seen or experienced this past week. Email it to the address below and I’ll assemble them into a community “newsletter” that will be distributed online this Saturday, March 28, and at least weekly for the duration of the pandemic.

As with a “letters to the editor” column, your submission might be edited for space, clarity, and civility. A maximum length of 250 words is suggested. If you want your letter to be anonymous (or with just initials), that’s fine, but please indicate where you live on the peninsula (street or neighborhood).

What we’re going through is important – important to share and important to preserve. To maximize sharing, online distribution of “The Baltimore Peninsula Post” will be through email, a blog, and a PDF suitable for printing.

If you’d like to receive the newsletter, email bmorepeninsulapost@gmail.com.

Steve Cole, Federal Hill, Baltimore

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